Da Force

Image of Da Force

A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away, a group of multiple established Dubstep producers and
DJ’s joined forces to become DA FORCE. Forming in 2013, a few people put their brains together to use their combined skill and ideas to do something different within the genre. Wielding Star Wars masks while preforming and implementing a broad spectrum of
star wars inspired sounds in their music, it is only logic that their productions sound like they are from outer space. Their productions are versatile, varying from wonky to zappy inspired machine guns, original rock sounding bass lines full of crazy out
of space sounding synths. They are all heavily influenced by the Empire and star wars as references occur throughout their songs. Performing in groups no less than two, they aim to not only please the ear but also the eye. Topping the dubstep charts with multiple
releases on multiple labels, (General Grievous EP – Battlestation EP – Decadence EP) the thrusters of the DA FORCE fleet are set to high as they rapidly move towards a MUST SEE act. May the force be with you!