Dirty Audio

Dirty Audio began his journey as an aspiring DJ and music producer at a very young age, but while many get lost in the pack or drop out of the race altogether, he has emerged as a premiere rising star in our scene. Born with an intrinsic love for all music with a catchy beat, Dirty Audio grew up in Los Angeles amid one of the world’s finest melting pots of music. His early influences included hip hop, rap and rock stars like 2Pac, Dr. Dre, Eminem, and System of a Down before he eventually set his sights on electronic music, drawing inspiration from classic artists like Benny Benassi, Deadmau5 and Skrillex. Dirty Audio’s own signature sound has emerged as a dynamic and sophisticated sound with a the theme of heavy hitting bass. Today, his guaranteed party starting ability has made Dirty Audio a household name across the globe.
After a string of successful productions from 2012 to 2015, Dirty Audio had established himself as promising talent with a knack for creating hard dance music. However, it wasn’t until 2016’s release of his original “Gettin’ That” that the international dance circuit truly welcomed Dirty Audio into their ranks. With its driving sub bassline, grimy synths and clear hip hop influence, “Gettin’ That” represented a foray into a new realm of
electronic music that resonated with fans who were crossing over from other genre demographics. The track was a massive hit with both listeners and other DJs; it became one of the most played tracks of the year by DJs and was dropped by everyone from Jack U to the Chainsmokers in live sets. In the short time since his initial climb to stardom, Dirty Audio has been a force to be reckoned with. His approach to creating hybrid dance music with a guaranteed dirty beat has garnered him attention from
some of the industry’s most respected labels including Mad Decent, Ultra, Dim Mak, and Monstercat and support from prominent artists like Skrillex and Marshmello. His explosive remix of Afrojack’s “Use to Have It All,” a remix of DJ Snake and Yellow Claw’s “Ocho Cinco” and his original production such as “Gorilla Glue” and “Hit It” were extraordinarily well received by fans and industry tastemakers alike, only serving to bolster Dirty Audio’s resume. More recently, his GRiZ “Wicked” remix has become a fan favorite, and his version of the Chainsmoker’s “Inside Out” has amassed 1.3 million streams on Soundcloud. With guest mixes on Diplo’s “Diplo & Friends” and The Chainsmokers’ “Nice Hair” radio shows, Diryt’s imprint is continuously growing. When asked what goes into the creative process behind that signature sound, Dirty answers “I always try to make something that hasn’t been done before. I want my music as unique and heavy as possible, without sounding like anyone else. I like combining hip hop and rock elements with electronic elements.” With his goal of mastering a unique sound that is certainly not for the faint of heart, Dirty Audio has
touched down all over the world to dole out doses of his dance worthy beats. Touring everywhere from the US to EU to Australia to Japan, he has brought his electrifying live sets to all corners of the globe. Last fall he took the stage at EDC Orlando and Lollapalloza Chicago. As Billboard said, “With the bass scene more saturated than ever, it’s important to pick out the key players moving the genre forward. One of them would be Dirty Audio, whose music has been played out in countless festival sets from
mainstays.” Looking to the future, Dirty’s only plan is to keep going up; stay tuned for lots of originals,
some incredible collaborations and, of course, dirty beats this year