Image of Dualistic

For Dualistic, Drum & Bass is the perfect outlet to express any emotion. The fast-paced breaks lay the unwritten energetic foundation on which you can build anything. Dualistic fell in love with the wide range of the genre in 2012, discovering UKF and Liquicity. From that moment on, his aim was to be a creator next to these artists and contribute to the scene. As a pianist and media composer, harmony comes naturally to him and that is why he is focussed on telling stories with his music. After completing his first two goals, releasing on both channels; Dualistic’s energy to create has grown even more. As an artist in a fast-changing genre, he’s motivated to keep searching for new sounds and evolve as an artist. This energy and creativity is also found back in Dualistic’s DJ sets. He represents the wide range of Drum & Bass that he loves. His track selection ranges from organic liquid, synth driven dance-floor bangers to deep bass monsters