Franky Nuts

For those who have been involved in the Dutch dubstep and drum & bass scenes, Franky Nuts is no stranger. For those who haven’t been, Franky Nuts won’t be a stranger for long. With several releases under his belt before 2015, Frank took his next step with the highly anticipated Rage EP released on Subway in 2015. Both the title track and ‘Lifted’ (with Zazu) got featured on UKF (over 200k views) and received support from nearly every major player, including Netsky, Habstrakt, Skism and Dimension. Grasping the hype, labels are standing in line for this youngster. 2015 has been a good start, 2016 will see a lot more typical bangers.

His productions are always on point and so are his DJ sets. A Subway and LBC regular, Franky delivers: His sets range from heavy hitting dubstep to jaw dropping neuro, shattering crowds at for instance We Are Electric as well as PRSPCT.