Born on Road

Born on Road is an eclectic label focused on exploring musical boundaries across various genres including Dancehall, Bashment, Reggae, Hip Hop & Jungle which becomes very evident during their sets; taking the listener on a musical journey through the genres while keeping the vibes strictly dance floor. The labels initial focus was on vocal tracks working closely with raw and emerging talent and combining that with some industry heavyweights. As the label hits it’s 2nd year it already boasts a heavyweight roster of artists and releases under its belt and is fast becoming a force not to be reckoned with. The label is co run and managed by DJ’s and Producers Aries, Kelvin 373, Stivs and Gold Dubs who between them have stacked up years of experience in the music industry, releasing tracks on major labels and touring internationally. If that wasn’t enough the label has also been working with veteran vocalists Navigator MC and David Boomah who have a life time of experience, that combined with fresh talent by the likes of Eva Lazarus, Lion Art, Gardna, Parly B, Joe Peng, Bugsy, Jam Baxta & Dabbla makes Born On Road a serious contender! As well as a gret roster of vocalists the label have also been employing some great producers to produce tracks and remixes for the label including Jinx, King Yoof, Tuffist, Max Powa, Katch Pyro, Mr Benn, Skitz, Jinx in Dub, Dub Smugglers, Kreed, Dope Ammo, Marvelous Cain, Fleck, Bladerunner, Ed West & Daddy Nature. The future is looking bright for Born On Road as they continue to stack up quality releases with strong support from key players within their chosen genres, the label is already on route to becoming one of the UK’s pioneering & underground sounds