Image of Karimooo

Musician. Painter. Graphic artist. Illustrator. Inspirator. Instigator. Maleficent dancefloor slaughterhouse orchestrator. Death Squad originator. Dread demon.

Karim Batoun serves the world many meaningful purposes, all under one comprehensive artistic umbrella known to all the Earth’s mortal disciples as Karimooo. Having spent over a decade shaping the landscape of the dark electronic music arts all over the Netherlands and long transcending local status as a sheer auditory force of nature, he’s also worked with a spectacular range of world famous musicians and powerhouse music institutes as an artist, concocting mind boggling designs for the likes of Skrillex, Never Say Die, G Jones, 16Bit, MTA Records, EPROM and a whole laundry list more. As a DJ, his signature style of genre bending, sub shattering yet technically impeccable mixing has led to him sharing stages with Skrillex, Pendulum, Noisia, Chase & Status, Roni Size, Congo Natty and just about everybody that was ever anything. He has played almost every venue and festival the Dutch have ever built or put on. Ask anyone that has seen him tear up a venue with surgical precision and you’ll see why: there simply isn’t anyone that does it like Karimooo does it. And all this doesn’t stem from wild ambition – which he has aplenty – and it definitely doesn’t come from a burning desire for money, wealth or fame. Everything Karimooo has done as an artist, has always been to share his passion. Coming from a dancehall / reggae background, the sound of drum & bass changed his life and every second of the day he was consumed by his desire to drag his friends down into his love spiral for the music, culminating in him teaching himself to DJ, interlocking all the genres and flavours he loves together into a devilishly captivating cocktail of raw, visceral artistry. Such has been the explosive rise of his fame nationwide, he has even spawned an entire army of loyal
followers, fanatically donning the many nefarious designs Karimooo has conjured up over the years who fittingly call themselves the Death Squad. And now, finally, his musical artistry is crossing over the border into the worldwide with the release of his first ever tracks on Play Me Records, and with an army of tracks ready to hit your speakers and an army of devoted, loyal fans behind him, he will be gunning for your adamantine loyalty too.

And you better believe he’s gonna get it. Go watch him play and you will see.