Image of Martz

Dan aka Martz was born in Southern California and raised in Israel. He started his musical
journey as a Dubstep DJ at the age of 15 and at 16 started producing his own music. Martz
has worked with over 100 artists in the dubstep scene and is the founder of The Wizards &
WOBBLYGNG, two crews that had a very big impact on the dubstep scene over the last 6
Martz started his international DJ life at the age of 17 with his debut in Prague and from
there continued to other countries across Europe, Asia and the US. With mass experience
from the HipHop/Trap scene, Martz has a unique Riddim style that he has been building
throughout the years to make the perfect combination between Hybrid Trap & Riddim so all
HipHop & Dubstep fans go crazy in his live DJ sets!