Image of NCT

Being one of the keystones of the Dutch drum & bass scene and the Liquicity Records family, NCT, formed by Jeroen Nai Chung Tong (DJ/Producer) & Alexander Witschge (DJ), have been enriching the scene with quality music and class A DJ-sets for almost 10 years.
The Dutch duo is well known for putting a smile on people’s faces on and off the stage. Their DJ sets are highly energetic and carry a strong sense of euphoria and pure joy, and in addition, they aren’t afraid to get a little filthy behind the decks with their great selection and representation of the underground drum & bass sound. The variety of styles in their set is what makes them stand out, their chemistry and energy is what makes them unique.

After years of coming up in the drum & bass scene, they reached the point of releasing their debut album on their home record label, Liquicity. With support and credits coming from all over the dnb scene, they also gained traction with listeners from outside of drum & bass. It seems as though they’ve taken the momentum of their album to cross genres even more than they did before, and they’re expected to release several different styles of dance music besides their usual cup of tea in the future.