Nightmare & Oni

Image of Nightmare & Oni

Nightmare has been in the underground music scene for over a decade now. His love for underground music began with the late era of UK Garage, being influenced by the music of Pay As U Go Cartel and the So Solid Crew. He ventured into Mc’ing for a while which lead him to a love of Grime. He worked with a crew from Lewisham in South called Top Catz for a short while with a couple of his tunes on
their mixtapes. It was around this time that he turned his hand to producing and DJing, but with this also came the realisation that the world of Mc’ing was not for him. Drum & Bass was a big part his life and took over most of his Friday & Saturday nights where he could be found rocking out in the middle of a dingy club! Through the love of this fast tempo he even dabbled in Happy Hardcore & Gabba! But it was inevitable, he found Dubstep and with it a passion for the sound! Since then it has been full steam with Dubstep for Nightmare, and he has never looked back! Producing and
mixing all styles of Dubstep (as well as any other genre they can fit in) with his partner in crime Oni! Oni has been an underground DJ for 11years his journey began with a love for HipHop and Synthesised video game music, from the age of 14 he got his first set of ‘Belt Drive’ turntables and not long after was djing wherever he could. Production soon followed using an original PlayStation and ‘Music,’ Game. He then began working closely with
Nightmare and soon they were experimenting with bass, beats and bpm to create their own music. Having completed a Music Technology diploma in 2010, Oni continues to further his production skills, working on various projects of multi-genres with Nightmare and other producers from Croydon to the Netherlands and smash apart events with their infamous back to back sets, destroying sound waves left right and centre! Since these two came together they have known that this is what they were meant to do, this is how it was meant to be….and that it is time that the world….