Image of Objectiv

The best producers are usually the ones that can’t write their own bios. They’re also
usually the nicest and most down to earth of the people you meet in the music
industry. Felix ‘Objectiv’ Hulbert hits all these qualities, whilst simultaneously
producing some of the most amazing music to be found in the world of DnB.
How do you describe his sound? Personally: ‘A beautifully orchestrated nonsense’.
Get it? Neither do i, but this is Objectiv we are talking about. His track ‘Impact’
spread waves around the scene and since then he has gone from strength to
strength releasing consistently blisteringly good music.
There’s too many labels to mention, and due to his nature our pal Felix has many
friends in the industry who are always up for releasing his unique style of chaotic
DnB. SkankandBass, Noisia, and most frequently lifestyle recordings, are just some
of the people behind him.
His DJ sets match his calibre behind the computer so make sure you get him down
to your next event.