Image of Pogman

Pøgman is a producer from the UK who is an original pioneer of the new age sound. Championed by formidable record labels; Smog Records, Disciple Recordings, Never Say Die, Uplink Audio & Self-founded I AM Audio. Over the years Pøgmans sound is recognisable yet uniquely different from record to record and is synonymous with hard yet wonky sound. With a back catalogue of records waiting in the wings Pøgman is one to watch out for in the next 12 months.With three tours in the United States of America, two tours in Canada, two tours in Australia & constantly travelling Europe for the past three years, Pøgman is undoubtedly cementing his place in dubstep and rightfully so.Listening to Pøgman live compared to the safety of your own bedroom are two completely different things. With his natural ability to tailor a set to a crowd off the cuff and his unparalleled energy Pøgman is soon to become your favourite.