Represented by: Alex Witschge
Image of Ripple

Well, they didn’t land on Ripple just yet. When they formally fused their talents together at the end of 2017, they actually chose to go by Crippleffect at first. However, the only remaining artifacts you can find about that name are a (probably) defunct e-mail, a few now non-existant tracks and maybe an outdated artist bio or two on czech forums. A little bit later, in 2018, they rebranded into the duo we know them as today: Ripple!

After their 2018 debut single Portal / Infinite River on none other than the legendary Skankandbass, their 2019 followup Crypto EP on James Marvel’s Space Pirate Recordings and their excellent contribution to the 17 Years Of Mainframe anniversary compilation, they started causing even more waves by releasing their music on their very own label, Ripple Music, later known as Ripple LTD. Their very unique yet diverse and just front-to-back clean production style quickly earned them the attention of Leipzig natives Neonlight, which lead to not just one, but two releases (so far) on their still quite new label Diascope in 2020.

Throughout the rest of 2020 and a little bit of 2021, they have also been trickling out remixes of their first self-released EP, the Falling Sky EP, featuring the likes of Phibes Manta, Matzet and Honey T.
Not to mention the sheer volume of big events the two have been playing at together. From the infamous Prague-ian venues Storm Club and Roxy, to one-day events by scene giants Neuropunk and Liquicity, to the slew of huge festivals around the area, including multiple Darkshire and Let It Roll festivals and the Trident Festival, it is safe to they have been slaying dancefloors left and right these past few years.