Image of Rohaan

Through the complicated systems and simplified sounds of the dance music industry—diverse UK producer/DJ Rohaan stands out amongst the best of them.Born in York, Rohaan (real name Rohaan Glenwright Grey) moved to Manchester at a young age andhas been making music ever since. With over a decade of practice and work under his belt, it’s safe tosay he’s only getting started and the only way is up. A student of music production—Rohaan went to school for music and marketing and has previously helped several music schools by teaching and acquiring new talent to study within their ranks.Through hard work and consistently, Rohaan came to the spotlight in 2017—releasing insanely encapsulating sounds of trap and lo-fi, showcasing not only his skill sets but his musical interests.From there, he caught a wave—incorporating past styles within drum and bass, halftime, and experimental bass. His visionary production sets him apart, alienating other producers in the field while utilizing a variety of airy vocal chops, unique percussion, alongside different warmer elements. His 2020 debut LP caught the world’s attention—with press outlets like DJ Times and UKF providing unreal,positive reviews while fans instantly claimed it as a cult classic. Rohaan acquired a few accolades in the process—earning Artist of the Year (UKF 2021), Album of the Year (UKF 2020), and prime time placements on BBC Radio One Essential Mixes, Radio One Extra and Noisia Radio.His prowess certainly stood out—catching the attention of several labels including UKF, Sable Valley,Deadbeats, Circus Records, MAD ZOO, Proximity, Moving Castle, and Lowly Palace to name a few.Colleagues and other artists in the industry were quick to notice as well. Rohaan connected on collaborations with artists like X&G, Duke & Jones, Holly, Laxcity, and more—all while catching the attention of mainstage festival acts such as Zeds Dead, Noisia, MatZo, NGHTMRE, SLANDER,WHIPPED CREAM, and Bleep Bloop amongst others.Talent buyers and festivals took notice too—with Rohaan quickly getting booked at a multitude of international shows and famous rooms such as Ministry of Sound, ADE, Unchained London, Mad Decent showcases, Brownies and Lemonade, Gretchen Club (Berlin), and a sold out headline debut in Bristol in 2021. Brand presence is hard to come by, and yet you can find Rohaan’s music across unique ad sets for major international brands like Formula 1, Adidas, Ubisoft, and more.With everything Rohaan brings to the table—it’s safe to say that he is more than one to watch. He’s separating himself amongst the pack in every way possible through a plethora of upcoming music and shows—while gaining the support needed from all industry players to succeed. Rohaan is headed to the top—and with the same consistent demeanor he has all the tools within himself to achieve every goal on the horizon.