Sub Artillery

Image of Sub Artillery

The most brutal of all frequencies are cut with raw adrenaline and mechanical, inhuman fury. Perhaps that’s why the music of San Francisco­based dubstep producer/DJ SUB ARTILLERY sounds so uniquely savage, and why it’s turning (and banging) heads across the Bay Area and beyond. SUB ARTILLERY’s mechanical bass music is filled with the grooves and personality that’ll make it impossible for you to stop moving side to side, but at its core, it’s jagged and
futuristic, merciless and precise. SUB ARTILLERY mastermind Nima Mehdioun learned from the best: he spent five years contributing vocals to San Jose deathcore act Defiants, visceral proof that Mehdioun can transfer his aggression into music. SUB ARTILLERY is the newest incarnation of that aggression, and is already putting out some of the heaviest, most bone­crushing bass music in the Bay Area through its singular mix of rhythmic domination and primal, cutting ­edge production. Earlier this year, SUB ARTILLERY released the EP Heavy Weapons via Bassweight Records, a release that has seen Mehdioun’s channel hit over 130,000 plays on Soundcloud. The act has proven its ferocity on the live circuit as well as on record: SUB ARTILLERY has shared the stage with Doctor P, Funtcase, Getter, 12th Planet and many others, and has appeared at numerous festivals including Wobbleland, Toxic Summer, and Safe in Sound. Mehdioun’s passion isn’t limited to his own music, either. As the owner and founder of up ­and­ coming independent record label Bassweight Records, he’s stretching his influence far and wide as he strives to share the fiercest tunes around. SUB ARTILLERY may already be an unstoppable, attention ­demanding machine, but the assault is only just getting started.