The Illuminated

Image of The Illuminated

Originating from Eindhoven, Yuri and Joep are well known for their deep and bassloaded music, which makes the comparison to the likes of Icicle, Proxima and Nymfo easy. When heavy bass is involved, Eindhoven seems to be the place to be. Their influences can be traced back to the origin of dubstep, on the crossroads of dub, grime and the Jamaican soundsystem culture. Pure and rooted, they soon caught the attention of Skream and Benga, who supported them on BBC Radio 1. More supporters followed, including N-Type and Walsh. Over the years their music found its way to labels such as Mu Djina, Underslung Audio and FatKidOnFire.

Their DJ-sets vary from easy going reggae to drum & bass, which always makes them full of surprises. This variety and their on point tune selection has made the boys regulars at all major events in The Netherlands. If you like it deep, you’ll like the Illuminated.