Image of Trafic

Trafic MC is spitting and emitting some new vibes into the Bristol and UK underground music scene right now. Musically involved from a young age, and sharing a love of rap with his mum, Trafic has held those lyricists capable of telling their story, and emblazoning it
upon your ears and your mind’s eye, in the highest regard. Maturing as an artist, alongside his brothers in beats of the Liquifyah fam, he is setting a new standard. Consistently engaging and creating, it’s easy to see why this ball of effervescent energy has gone from rhyming for free 3 years ago at a mate’s night, to becoming a sought after Host and MC at nights and festivals across the UK.
His intricate intonations and original prose allow Trafic to create a vibe, that not only makes you smile, think and consider yourself; but also has a cheeky little wink at life, not taking it too seriously. Playing alongside top drum and bass DJs in the scene right now like Randall, Hype, Roni Size, Benny Page, Dope Ammo, Noisia, Calyx and Teebee, Hybrid Minds, LSB and Hazard, and local viper-signed talent like Octo-pi, “if you’re not skanking please
continue walking” and other signature bars can be heard in a timely and enhancing delivery, resulting in very hyped up and happy crowds of ravers. Releasing his first hip-hop album ‘Spaghetti Junction’ in December 2015, Trafic encompassed his capabilities as a promoter, producer and performer, to supply a night that quite simply, “went off”. Joining two of his lyrical idols and headliners Dead Players on stage for ‘Yeah’, Mr Trafic was overcome by the love and appreciation exuding from the whole audience for the entire night. Spurred on by this he is currently releasing his next project, D.I.B, crafted with his co-rhymer, Twitchee Chordz, and producer Alexi. This second album is further lasting proof that this friendly, frolicking fireball of personality is no longer making ripples in the music scene, but beginning to make waves amongst ravers.